Our Services

AWT provides technically, environmentally and socially compatible consulting services to our clients in a wide range of market sectors including agriculture, mining, construction and community development. Whether you’re a small, local business or a bustling multinational, we can help you succeed.

We are here to help farmers develop and grow their dream into a business. We develop ideas that solve your most complex and pressing organizational challenges and our out-of-the-box approach and focus on sustainability is what makes us successful.

We have experience in helping the Public Sector through customized strategies in rural development, land reform, project planning, conceptualization, and revitalization. Our system delivers instant, significant, and lasting changes with measurable performance growth. Specialist economic analyses services may include value chain and market analysis, enterprise gross margin analysis, compensation calculations for land affected by mining/construction or an assessment of the economic impacts of land use options. Solutions are custom made!

When farmers need help with planning and executing a plan, we will guide the farmer with Project feasibility assessment services. we offer a comprehensive project feasibility assessment service for agricultural projects of any size, scale or scope. We also utilize technical specialists on each and every project to address gaps and complement our core team.

We offer farms and business planning services to private commercial farmers, farming companies, NGOs and Governments. Our systems and e-learning funnel allows us to produce professional, high quality farm and skills growth plan.

Core Services

  • Building and reconstructing A to Z turn-key projects Establishing leading agriculture farms and production centers according to customer’s requirements and market demands.
  • Agricultural operations & Management of agriculture farms using our vast know- how to produce and sell to the local and international markets.
  • Industrial facilities and logistic centers Food processing technologies, advanced dairy and meat production, automated hatcheries, slaughterhouses, flour mills, feed plants and packing houses are part of our agro-industrial capabilities. Solar powered irrigation systems,
  • Agriculture guidance and training Conducting professional training seminars (agronomy and livestock) for local farmers and creating a training concept to secure long-term steady increase in agricultural product.
  • Agriculture R& D Using our in-house technology and know-how to create innovative agro-farming and livestock research stations and laboratories to forecast the future of agriculture.