About us

We specializes in the construction of unique agriculture and agro-industrial projects in African countries. We are an A to Z leading integration company with the capacity to adjust itself to the conditions in each country.

AWT partnership with its alliance partners created a ten key agri solutions to make it a leading company in the agri space offering high tech solutions. We provide local populations engaging in provincial agricultural operations and projects with solution tailor made for each farmer needs.

AWT in partnership with its alliance partners manages diverse farming and livestock projects impacting the lives of millions, and is committed to providing people with new opportunities.


What I cherish most about AWT is the wealth that our company bring to the community and to our clients.

From the first day of planning the project, we feel connected to the community, Connected to the environment in which the project is about to be placed.

We feel that besides the business, we are there for the people that will benefit from the project, both directly and indirectly, starting from our client and its personnel up to the service suppliers and the consumers.

  • Vision Our vision is to be a leader in the conception and implementation of agricultural projects, with a focus on the establishment of agricultural farms, management and operation, sales and marketing of agricultural products.